Forget manscaping, landscaping’s the new trend

Forget manscaping, landscaping’s the new trend TweetFacebookNarellan Vale’s Jason Clenton takes great pride in his lawn and maintains it daily. Picture: Ashleigh TullisMen across Macarthur are spending their days trimming, pruning and sculpting their bushes.

In the garden that is.

Macarthur, in the south-west of Sydney, is front and centre of a growing trend to create immaculate lawnsand front gardens.

Men are ditching their Victa lawn mowers in favour of a cylinder mower.

And one of those will set you back a whopping $3000.

Why, you may ask?

All to get that perfect-looking striped green grass commonly found on football fields.

One Narellan Vale resident has taken his pride and passion for lawn care to the next level.

Jason Clenton spends time maintaining his front yard and mowing his lawn every day.

He is determined to have the best front yard in the suburb.

“I have taken the ordinary activity of lawn care from once a week to once a dayduring summer,” Mr Clenton said.

“Maintaining my lawn daily makes it an easy job.

“I am passionate about the way my garden and home is presented.

“It’s all about street appeal.”

Mr Clenton said friends, family and passers-by wanted to walk, roll, play and even take selfies with his manicured lawn because it was so lush and green.

He said he had transformed his overgrown and misshaped hedges and trees into an inviting front yard during the past three years.

“My girlfriendthinks I’mstupid and spend too much time on the lawn,” he said.

Facebook groups including Lawn Porn and n Lawn Fanatics havegarnered large followings where people post photos of their lawns to make others envious.

Lawn care businesses in Macarthur have boomed as a result of the growing trend.

Macarthur Mowers and Machinery owner Brett Gilleland, who owns the family business with brother Rhys, said his business had benefited from the hype.

“A few decades ago people wanted cylinder mowers rather than rotary mowers,” Mr Gilleland said.

“The trend has probably grown with social media and renovation television shows.

“There are also a lot of young families who have moved to the area and it seems like they are spending their time at home.

“The parents want a nice lawn so their kids can kick a ball around and they can enjoy a wine or beer outside.”

Mr Gilleland importsProtea and Swardman mowers which are considered two of the best cylinder machines on the market.

Mr Clenton bought a commercial grade mower setting him back $3000.

“I mow in a line one way then go back the opposite way to achieve the stripe look,” he said.

“I need to mow my lawn every day to maintain the stripes.

“People think I spend hours each day but it doesn’t cost a lot of time when I do a little bit every day.”

Mr Clenton uses an automated irrigation system so his lawn and plants are watered when needed.

“I use an app on my phone,” he said, “When I am not home in the middle of the day, I can turn on the water when it is really hot.”

He said anyone could achieve a manicured lawn if they put in the time, irrigated their garden and used the right equipment. He has about 120 square metres of lawn.

Mr Clenton said he wished he had more competition in his street or suburb so he could strive to be better than another family’s yard.

“I have thought about relocating to a suburb like Harrington Park where homeowners spend more time on their garden care,” he said.

“Hopefully my effort will benefit me when I do sell my property.”

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