Short Takes May 26 2018: readers have their say on the day’s news

A HEARTFELT thank you to the fellow cyclists who stopped to assist my cycling buddy following an accident, earlier this week on the Fernleigh Track. The accident near Whitebridge, left my friend badly injured.A huge thank you as well to the doctor, several paramedics and ambulances that responded so quickly to our 000 call and consequently transported my injured friend to the John Hunter Hospital. The excellent service you deliver to our community, often in trying circumstances, is to be applauded.

Ian Thomas, The HillKNIGHTS coach Nathan Brown has again selected Daniel Saifiti and Connor Watson this week despite them both contributing greatly to their two previous defeats. It seems to be one rule for some and another for others. Good to see Heighington and Buhrer in the side, but what does Luke Yates have to do to get a game? He can tackle, which many of the team seem not to be capable of. Puzzling.

Robert Green, GeorgetownWHYdoesn’t Newcastle City Council show that it truly supports our city and find a few million dollars to secure our Maritime Museum?This should be quite easy.After all, the NCC easily found millions, although exactlyhow many are their secret, to support a three day car race, which has nothingto do with the uniqueness of our city.

Cecily Grace,NewcastleWILCOX’S View (Herald, 23/5)showed all but one of the front bench ‘manspreading’, a phenomenon of which I am almost daily reminded. Even working on gym machines most men sit with their knees as far apart as possible. After watching the Royal Wedding I wondered.Have they all lost cellos or are they just showing off their manhood?

Joan Lambert,AdamstownBEFORE we get too carried away in the rush to sack, defrock or imprison Archbishop Philip Wilson (“Unholy orders”, Herald 25/4) we could stop to ask how we can facilitate healing for what has been so painfully traumatic to so many people.

Mark Porter, New LambtonTWO recent comments byWayne Bennett indicate to me that his time is up. First, he claimed the NRL is biased against Brisbane when everyone in the game acknowledges that for 30 years the Broncos have had a geographical, financial and crowd advantage over every other team. Secondly,he says that he would never leave the Broncos in bad shape. I think we know a team he left in very bad shape. It’s time for him to do a Clint Eastwood and ride off into the sunset.

Greg Hunt,Newcastle WestI FULLY agree with recent comments about Detective Jeff Little (Letters 24/5). What wonderful work performed by theseunseen, dedicated and professional detectives.At last the once-impregnable bastion of the churchhierarchy has been exposed to the public, provingit is not above the law.

John Chaplin,MerewetherTHE POLLSCAN Kalyn Ponga become the youngest Dally M winner?

Yes 88%, No 12%

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