Straight Outta Compo at Wests New Lambton on Saturday, May 26

Culture of comedy in a politically-correct world | PHOTOS Comedy Central: Straight Outta Compo will be held at Wests New Lambton.

The four-man cast of Straight Outta Compo.

George Kapiniaris in Acropolis Now.

George Kapiniaris in Acropolis Now.

A scene from Acropolis Now.

The Acropolis Now crew.

Nick Giannopoulos and Mary Coustas from Acropolis Now and Wogs Out of Work.

TweetFacebookStraight Outta Compton, and the stereotypeof immigrants being on worker’s compensation.

As for the show itself, Joe says “we don’t like to call it ethnic humour anymore because it’s for everybody”.

“The four of us – a Lebanese, Turk, Greek and I’m the Italian –we call it generational comedy.”

Some of the humour compares the differences betweengenerations.

“Our version of Snapchat was taking a picture of our backside and developing it at the local pharmacy,” he said.

And there’s the differencebetween family affection shown today, compared to when Joe was a kid.

“Our kids get things from their parents and grandparents thatwe never got, like love,” he joked.

Joe’sdad says things to his granddaughter like “I miss you”.

“The only time my dad said to me ‘I miss you’ was when he went to whack me and I ducked.”

They joke about how life’s changed –things likepeople freaking out over leaving their phonecharger at home.

“When we were growing up, the worse thing we had to worry about was leaving the house and putting the alarm on,” he said.

He saysthe show is clean.

“You can bring your family and kids. We have a lot of fans who are kids,” he says.

“It’s not just for the ethnic audience. It’s a great comedy show for the masses.”

Fake SnakeTopics ran a picture on Tuesday of a fake snake in a tree on Redhead Road.

Simon Webber told Topics that he could “uncover the secret of the tree python of Dudley”.

“There is a rather tall, slimly-built character who goes by the name of Brad King. He’s along-time resident of Dudley with a wonderful young family,” Simon said.

“Brad’sson is a mad Steve Irwin fan and a lover of snakes.”

Simon said Brad bravely climbed up the gum tree to coil the reptile on a branch, much to the delight of his son.

“Brad is known for his pranks, humour and uncontrollable urge to hide your stationery at work,” he said.

Dinosaurs and DragonsSpeaking of Steve Irwin, Topics visited Zoo recently. The zoo had a brilliant replica of a dinosaur, which a real water dragon seemed very interested in.

A real water dragon hanging out with a replica dinosaur at Zoo.

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