Thieves target mansion, with $500,000 in jewellery taken in one break-in

A PALM print left on a window at a six-bedroom mansion has linked a Tallangatta woman to a break-in at the property.

Liric Halligan, now aged 22, was involved in one of several break-ins at the house, which had been uninhabitable after a landslip.

A safe with $500,000 of jewellery was stolen in one incident.

Halligan was living around Melbourne when she took part in one break-and-enter on November 15, 2015.

A small safe was taken from the property on Violet Street, along with a projector, camera and tools worth about $10,000.

A flyscreen was cut and a door pried open.

Halligan left the palm print on glass, which was later used to link her back to the incident.

The property sits on the side of a hill and was unlivable following the landslip.

The victims had been overseas and had friends checking in.

There were several more burglaries at the property, including the one which netted the expensive jewellery.

Despite extensive investigations, police could not link them back to the Tallangatta woman.

The Wodonga Magistrates Court on Tuesday heard Halligan knew who was responsible for the haul, but didn’t want to tell police.

She had fronted the court on 10 charges.

The court heard she had moved back to Tallangatta about six months ago following a stint in the Melbourne region.

Her lawyer, Mario Vaccaro, told the court she hadn’t obtained any property from the burglary, but had been present.

The former MCG worker last came to police attention in March after she threatened to arm herself with a knife.

The victim had an intervention order out against her, but police were called to their home about 12.10pm on March 16 following an argument.

Halligan had told the victim she was going to grab the weapon, causing them to flee in their vehicle in fear.

Other offences included illegal ammunition possession following a traffic stop on August 27, 2015.

Halligan was a passenger in a car and was searched, with four rounds of .22 bullets recovered.

She gave a fake address to the officers.

The 22-year-old was also caught with six Endone tablets and two Valiums after leaving a property known for drug dealing in July 2016, andagain gave a fake name.

Mr Vaccaro said his client had returned to the North East to live with her father.

He said she was still a relatively young offender who was keen to find work, and recently applied for a job at Mitta.

She was placed on a community corrections order and the drugs and ammunition will be destroyed.

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