Sharkie to run ‘old style’ campaign

Candidate for Mayo Rebekha Sharkie (R) will continue campaigning in SA with Bob Katter.Mayo MP Rebekha Sharkie will campaign to retain her Adelaide Hills seat on “pennies not pounds”, and will not accept donations from big business or unions.

Ms Sharkie, who was forced to resign earlier this month after being caught up in the citizenship saga, said she will have a maximum of $50,000 to spend on the campaign.

“I put a second mortgage on the house last time, which I haven’t finished paying off, so I’m going to redraw on that,” she said.

She said a small amount of money has been allocated for corflutes, but glossy leaflets will not be delivered to houses.

In a bid to remain uninfluenced, Ms Sharkie will not accept donations from big business or unions, instead opting for an “old style” campaign.

“I am happy to have a debate in every town hall meeting,” she said.

“I’m just wearing out my shoe leather, just like last time.”

Her opponent, Liberal candidate Georgina Downer, has come under fire for an opposite approach, having left the region 20 years ago and moved back days before she was preselected.

Ms Sharkie will continue to campaign with fellow crossbencher Bob Katter on Thursday, after the pair held a number of community events in the electorate on Wednesday including a question and answer session at a community centre.

Ashley Edwards, 35, who attended the forum, said support for Ms Sharkie in the region was strong.

“I’d be very surprised if she didn’t get back in,” he said.

“She’s kind of like your next-door neighbour but she speaks up and that’s what this area really needs.”

The date of the by-election is expected to be announced in the coming days.

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