Teenager uses Siri after motorbike crash –‘I would have been stuffed without it’

Darcy McKay on a stretcher as emergency services guide him into the 4×4 paramedic vehicle.

Darcy McKay, fromPambula Beach, is thankful forSiri after the voice-controlled mobile assistantcalled Triple-Zero for him following aserious motorbike crash.

Darcy was left with multiplefractures tohisvertebrae, a fractured tailbone, broken pelvis bone and was bleeding from his pancreasafter he crashed his motorbike onThursday, May 17.

The 17-year-old had taken the scenicroute home after work on the Thursday afternoon to “have some fun on the bush tracks”.

However, Darcy lost control of his motorbike in the scrub 100 metres behind Lumen Christi Catholic College and the football oval.

Having ridden the trackmany times before, the “sketchy section” was tackled with too much confidence.

Paramedics attending to Darcy McKay after his crash on a rutted out dirt track in Pambula Beach.

“I came around a corner way too quick,the front wheel went into a pot hole and I went straightover the handle bars,” hesaid.

“It was pretty nasty.

“I felt pain straight away in my lower back, I just freaked out because I knew that I had done something to my back –but I could move my toes which was a relief.”

Darcy managed to feel his phone in his pocket but was unable to physically grab it, he engaged with the Siri voice command function on his Apple iPhone to call for help by saying, “hey Siri, call triple-zero, on speaker.”

“I couldn’t move my legs, I had no muscle movement at all and was freaking out so I used Siri to call triple-zero straight away.”

Siri dialled Triple-Zero (000) on speaker phone for Darcy, allowing him totalk through directions to the operator hands-free.

Paramedics assisting Darcy McKay.

“I am so thankful I knew how to use Siri properly,” he said.

“And, I am so happy I thought of using it otherwise I would have been stuffed.”

It took 20minutes for emergency services to arrive as Darcy’s location was tricky to find.

“It was very scary laying there by yourself, I had to explain to them where I was as there were a few turns they had to take to get to me.”

Darcywas transported to the South East Regional Hospital.

Before returning to work as a plumbers apprentice in Merimbula, doctors told Darcy he will needsix weeks recovery and a further four to six weeks to regain his strength.

Darcy has ridden motorbikes since he was10 years old and said he will continue to ride in the future, although will make sure heis kitted up withthe right protective gear.

“I won’t be getting on my bike again unless I am wearing full protective gear, I won’t ride in the bush unless I am wearing armour and motocross boots.”

In an emergency situation whetheryoung or old,Darcy said a phone is the best tool to have –he will never leave the house without it.

Darcy McKay

After experiencing theaccident, Darcy sendsout a message to iPhone users to activatetheir Siri, as he would have been “stuffed without it”.

“If a situation like that happens, you need Siri. So people should really have it set up on their phone otherwise you cant use it.”

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