Hunter Hero: ‘Go and try it out’ says volunteer of 48 years during National Volunteers Week

GIVING: Volunteer Pat Korsman has been part of Samaritans for 26 years. She’s also been volunteering at Booragul Public School for much longer. Picture: Jonathan Carroll.Pat Korsman,Samaritans Emergency ReliefVolunteering for Pat Korsman is a way to help build a strong community.

Whether it’s in an official capacity, or just sparing some time, she reckons everyone should give it a go.

“Go and try it out and see if you like it,” she said. “I get a satisfaction that I’ve achieved something, feel that I’ve contributed to my area and community, and I believe in helping people.”

Trying it out is exactly what she did 26 years ago when she decided to help out with the Anglican church andSamaritanscharity in westLake Macquarie.

It’s a role she’s stayed in for all that time, and one Samaritans recognised her for during last week’sNational Volunteers Week.

Ms Korsman works withSamaritans Emergency Relief service and is one of the organisation’s longest serving volunteers.

She dedicates much time, empathy and respect to people in need throughout the Lake Macquarie community.

The serviceprovides food supplies, support to pay bills,offers a listening ear to people seeking support,and connects them with appropriate services, like financial counsellors or caseworkers.

“I enjoy it and I like having a role with people,” she said.

“I enjoy training people and having people around me. I like a leadership role and like to be part of a team.

“I like to let other people catch a glimpse of the dream to be able to help others in the community.”

With two children and five grandchildren, Ms Korsman, 75, says she’s kept busy.

Before her own kids began to attendBooragul PublicSchool, she startedto volunteer her time there.

Today, she continues that work as part of the school’s breakfast program.All up, she says she’s been volunteering at the school continuously for 48 years.

The theme for National Volunteer Week 2018 was ‘Give a little,change a lot’ –representing those who give a little of their time to make an influence in their communities and society overall.

For Ms Korsman, she’s given a little, on regular occasions, for a long time.

She says her rewards are seeing improvements, rather than receiving individual accolades, but saysvolunteering is something everyone can do to help improve lives.

“There’s always roles to be found within Samaritans or any other organisation,” Ms Korsman said.

“Don’t be afraid to try it out,you can always say‘noit’s not for me’and try something else.

“There’s so much out there that we, older people of younger, can do to make a community a better place.”

In the Newcastle region, Samaritans operates a variety of community services. For further information on how you can help, visit: www.samaritans苏州模特佳丽招聘.au

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