Dimi Petratos aims for the World Cup with support from his biggest fan

Support for Dimi’s World Cup dream It’s A Sign: Cruz Holbert shows his support for Dimi Petratos. Cruz has several special Dimi signs. Picture: Fox Sports

Dimi Petratos in Socceroos camp in Turkey.

Cruz Holbert at a Jets game.

Cruz and Dimi.

The signs that Cruz made for Dimi.

Dimi in action.

TweetFacebookA VAR CrySpeaking of the World Cup, it’ll be very interesting to see how the notorious VAR goes at the tournament.

When the VAR failed in the recent A-League grand final, thousands of Jetsfans were furious.Imagine then, what might happen if the VAR fails at a crucial time in the World Cup.

For example, what if it fails during a final and knocks out a team like Brazil or Colombia? Things could get ugly.

Another ValuableCupFrom the World Cup, we move onto another cup.

This cup isn’tquite as big as the world’s most-watchedtournament, but it is particularly important to 90-year-old John Stevenson – who lives in an aged-care hospital at Wallsend.

Topics was having a chat withJohn about the Jets’ recent season when he told us aboutthe Stevenson Cup.

John said this competition was held in the Coalfields. If his memory serves him right, it began sometime around 1925.

It was John’s grandfather, Jock Stevenson,who created the competition.

“He was one of the first footballers in Newcastle in the days of the formation of soccer,” he said, adding he came to the region around1885.

He recalled that his father brought the trophy back from England, specifically to be used for the competition.

“My grandfathermade arrangements for my father to buy it and bring it home.”

John has long wondered what happened to the trophy.

He remembers he last saw it in a glass case at a puboutCessnock-Weston way in the1950s.

“It was a very valuable cup,” John said.

Topics suspects the trophy islong gone bynow.

But John’s story sure does tell us something aboutmemory and the evocative power ofobjects gained and objects lost.

Have you got a story about anobject or heirloom that you treasure?

Let us know at [email protected]苏州夜总会招聘.au.

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