Newcastle development boom spreads to Brunker Road strip at Adamstown, Broadmeadow

ON THE RISE: The Centrale apartment block under construction at 65 Brunker Road is the first in a wave of high-density developments planned for the street. Picture: Simone De PeakNewcastle’s inner-city building spree is spreading to theBrunker Road strip, where property developers are planning more than 300 new apartments across eight projects.

The redevelopments, witha total value of $75 million, are in various stages of planning andconstruction, led by GWH Build’sfour-storey, $8.7 million Centrale apartment block emerging from the ground at 65 Brunker Road, Broadmeadow.

READ MORE: Property newsOther development applications before Newcastle City Council include the $23 million, 84-unit Foundry project next door to the Adamstown shopping precinct, an $11 million,40-unit plan for the Adamstown Motel site, and 40 units worth $10 million next door to Centrale.

Newcastle development boom spreads to Brunker Road PLANS: An artist’s impression of a four-storey, $6 million unit block with 28 apartments proposed for 21 Brunker Road, near the Premier Hotel.

NEW LOOK: The $11 million apartment development at 144 Brunker Road is on the site of the Adamstown Motel and will have 40 units.

65 Brunker Road

300 Brunker Road (The Foundry)

300 Brunker Road

TweetFacebookBrunker Road developmentNo.21: Four storeys, 28 units, $6m, DA submitted

No.65: Four storeys, 38 units, $8.7m, ‘Centrale’ under construction

No.79: Five storeys, 40 units, $10m, DA submitted

No.106: Five storeys, 20 units, $6m, DA approved

No.117: One storey, 6 units, $2m, DA approved

No.118: Six storeys, 47 units (affordable housing), $8.8m, DA submitted

No.144: Five storeys, 40 units, $11m, DA submitted

No.300: Five storeys, 84 units, $23m, DA submitted

Totals: 303 units, $75.5 million

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